Our History

Peanuts originated in 1995.

The first Golf del Sur society was the ladies section. They  had problems with visitors driving into them and through them. The gentlemen being true Brits started booking the tee time behind them to prevent this happening.

There were four, Ken Gray, Ron Crawford, Don Uren and Dave Edmonds. The four grew into eight and so on as more people became interested. A charge was instigated to play and the winner had free drinks in the Taberna Bar down on San Blas.

That carried on through 1995 and in February 1996 there were so many playing it was suggested they form a society.

They met in the Taberna and as they were always served a bowl of Peanuts with the drinks they decide to call it The Peanuts. That was on the 8th February 1996.

The format remained the same for a few weeks until it was suggested they have prizes rather than money or drinks.

The first Peanuts tee shirt was won by Paul Ling with 36 points on the 11th April 1996 and the second by Ken Gray on on the 18th April.